Master of Religion in Middle Eastern and North African Studies

The Master of Religion in Middle Eastern and North African Studies (MRel in MENA Studies) is a unique and innovative multidisciplinary program based in the MENA region.

This accredited postgraduate degree focuses on providing a strong theoretical understanding of the region and the issues that it faces, combined with an emphasis on developing applied skills needed to work in the region and among MENA communities worldwide. It is based upon a strong theological and Biblical framework in that each module will weave scripture and theology into its theory and practice. The program is also designed to bring Arab and non-Arab students together in an environment that will encourage an exchange of ideas, foster deeper understanding of each other’s culture and values, and build meaningful relationships.

The MRel in MENA Studies is a flexible distance-learning program organized into modules rather than courses to allow for more effective multidisciplinary inquiry and learning. Instruction and learning is achieved through a combination of 2-week residencies per module in Lebanon and the use of distance learning technologies that facilitate discussion and feedback. Being based in the region, the program has built in site visits to the work of NGOs, churches and other organizations, as well as conversations and dialogue with key leaders, intellectuals and influence brokers. The program exposes students to the rich historical, cultural and religious heritage of the region.

The MRel in MENA Studies is designed to provide students with a certain degree of flexibility in order to enable students the option to continue with their existing work and lives while simultaneously attaining an advanced degree.

What Skills Will You Acquire?

  • Contextual Cultural Analysis
  • Needs assessment and problem analysis
  • Project design (developing the logic for change)
  • Peace-building and conflict transformation
  • The ability to develop strategies for inter-church cooperation
  • The ability to understand interfaith conflict and to develop strategies for Christian Muslims dialogue
  • The mind to develop culturally appropriate theological frameworks for ministry

MRel Distinctives

  • Islamic History, Theology and Civilization
  • History and Theology of Middle Eastern Christian Traditions
  • Interfaith and Interdenominational Relations
  • Both Classical and Anthropological Approaches
  • Middle Eastern Languages, Literature and Culture
  • Current Sociopolitical Realities of the MENA Region
  • Concern for Contextual Appropriateness and Relevance

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