MRel Tuition and Costs

Please find the 2015-2016 MRel tuition rates below.

Tuition Fees:              $1,575/module         $3,150/year         $6,300/2 years

Financial aid for deserving candidates is available. To obtain an application for financial aid or for more information:

Total Program Cost to Students Over 3 Years*

MRel Tuition
One-time Application Fee 50 (additional $25 for late applications)
Core Module Tuition Fees 6300
One-time Induction Module 158
Language and Electives Study Will vary as it is arranged by the student[1]
Final Project 2520
Travel, Room & Board
Travel 0-8,000
Room & Board 0-3,000
Misc. (Books, etc.) 1,000



[1] Students should bear in mind that acquiring 18 credits in language study (about 270 hours)  may cost between $3000-$4000 over the 3 years.
[2] Excluding the price of language study.
*Tuition rates will be evaluated annually and are subject to increase.

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