Middle East Immersion

Learn. Serve. Experience the MENA!

The Middle East Immersion (MEI) was designed for students wanting to experience firsthand the opportunities and challenges of Christian service in the Middle East. Under the mentorship of respected scholars and experienced practitioners, students in the MEI program practice intercultural work in a dynamic context and engage in mutual learning between Christian and Muslim communities.

Centered on critically reflective practice, MEI provides studies students the opportunity to earn academic credit and fulfill practicum requirements while being exposed to the language, peoples and cultures of one of the region’s most vibrant cities.

As part of their immersive experience, students:27

  • Participate in IMES’ annual Middle East Consultation, exploring issues of critical concern for the regional Body of Christ
  • Study intensive Levantine Arabic, the spoken language of the Lebanese
  • Acquire hands-on, intercultural experience serving at a local ministry placement in and around Beirut
  • Explore the many historical and natural treasures Lebanon has to offer through site visits and cultural exchanges
  • Gather together regularly with fellow students and faculty for debriefing, reflection, discussion and prayer
  • Learn from regional voices, experienced practitioners and international experts
  • Experience firsthand God’s heart for the Middle East

To request additional information about IMES’ Middle East Immersion program, please contact IMES@abtslebanon.org.


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